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What is SkinPen®?

Skin Pen is the first microneedling device in the world cleared by the FDA, clinically shown to safely and effectively treat acne scars and visible aging. With as few as three non-invasive treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance and step out with confidence.

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How does microneedling work?

It creates thousands of microchannels that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. This rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. Just six months after microneedling, clinical studies show the result of microneedling with the Skin Pen increased collagen production and epidermal thickness by 400%. Microneedling is a long-term solution to a smooth and youthful complexion.

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What happens during the procedure? Does it hurt?

During a treatment session, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. A numbing cream will be applied at the treatment site for your comfort during the procedure. As the numbing cream begins to work, your provider will seal the microneedling device in a sterile wrap and insert a fresh set of sterile needles into the device.
Treatment will then begin by setting the microneedle depth to a setting appropriate for your needs and applying a solution to allow the pen to glide across the skin.
Once the appropriate area is treated, I will go over after care instructions with you and you will be sent with post care products to use for the following three days.

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Who is a good candidate for microneedling?

Because microneedling is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, women and men of almost all ages can receive this treatment. SkinPen is clinically proven effective on all skin types, Fitzpatrick 1 – 6. If your concerns are pitted acne scaring, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, melasma, and hyperpigmentation then SkinPen is your new best friend.

Micro needling is minimally invasive, however, it does cause micro injuries to the skin, making it imperative that the skin is free of any of the following disorders:

  • Eczema

  • Rosacea

  • Psoriasis

  • Solar Keratosis

  • Active Acne

  • Keloids

Microneedling is also not for clients who are pregnant, have active wounds or sores, a bleeding disorder, and currently on Accutane or finished within the last 6 months.

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What is the recovery and downtime?

After treatment, you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and refrain from harsh cleaners for a week. Immediately after your treatment, you will look as though you have a moderate to severe sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. You may also notice some slight swelling, both are normal and should subside after 1 to 2 hours and will normally diminish within the same day or 24 hours. You may see slight redness after 24 hours but only in minimal areas or spots. As your body naturally generates new collagen, you can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of scars, a lessening of wrinkles and a more youthful appearance overall.

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