Level 1 Chemical Peel: Glow and Go

30 Minutes | $105

This unique all seasons treatment features a blend of vitamin C, multiple acids, mastiha, and retinol. These formulas are brightening, anti-aging, resurfacing and hydrating. Perfect for first time clients and involves no-down time.

Level 2 Chemical Peel: Resurface and Refine

30 Minutes | $130

A more intense chemical peel treatment for those looking to address texture, combat acne, hyperpigmentation, and the early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin care expert will choose the right chemical peel solution(s) that best fits your needs and goals for your skin. Expect 3-7 days of down time with mild to moderate skin flaking/peeling. Consultation required prior to booking or Level 1 Chemical Peel prerequisite.

Level 3 Chemical Peel: Advanced Repair

30 Minutes | Starting at $160

This level is aggressive and incorporates advanced chemical peel solutions and cocktails to address deep wrinkles, intense sun damage, and skin laxity. These solutions are applied in multiple layers and will involve 7-10 days of downtime with the most visible peeling. Great for anyone looking to remove years of age from their skin and significantly improve quality of skin tone and texture. Consultation required prior to booking or Level 2 Chemical Peel prerequisite. Home care regimen required.

Chemical Peel Series

30 Minutes | $355

Three chemical peel treatments are performed spaced 2-3 weeks apart from each other to correct, lighten and improve the tone and texture of the skin. All chemical peels are blended with plant-derived stem cells, multiple peptide chains (controlling irritation), potent antioxidants (limiting inflammation), and healing minerals.

  • Level 1 chemical peel to acclimate, brighten, and hydrate the skin.

  • Level 2 chemical peel to address texture, combat acne, hyperpigmentation and early signs of aging. 

  • Level 3 chemical peel to address deep wrinkles, intense sun damage, and skin laxity.

The Perfect Derma Peel

30 Minutes | $350

The Perfect Derma Peel is a medium depth, medical grade chemical peel featuring the master antioxidant glutathione. Unlike most peels, There Perfect Derma can be performed on all skin types and ethnicites. This is the only peel on the market that includes glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin, targets wrinkles, lifts away pigmentation, and slows the aging process. Includes a take home aftercare kit. Vast improvements in the skin will be visible after 1 peel! Expect approximately 7 days of downtime with visible, intense, consistent peeling.


  • ​Firmer, more youthful skin

  • Smaller pores

  • Improved clarity, tone, and texture

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma, and sun damage 

  • Control acne and improve scars