DC Cleansing Cloth

DC Cleansing Cloth



The DC Cleansing Cloth removes makeup with ease, leaving skin clean and fresh. Removes full coverage foundation and waterproof mascara! All you need to do is add water. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this reusable pad features microfibers that removes trapped dirt, oil and makeup deep in the pores.


The multi-use DC Cleansing Cloth are designed to be eco-friendly lasting up to 200 wash cycles. This product is simple to use and easy to maintain.



How to use:

1. Add warm water to pad

2. Gently cleanse skin in small circular motions to remove makeup

3. Do a second cleanse with your favorite cleanser and the pad

4. Wash your pad with warm water and soap

5. Wring out and hang to dry by tag


Tips: Wash approximately 1-2 times a week using the hot setting on your washer. DO NOT add fabric softener as it leaves a waxy coating on the fibers.

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